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1nemesis1 24 ( +1 | -1 )
KIA, Piric, and KID I know a couple of people who play these openings, was wondering if there are any others who
play these openings often. A couple of us are looking for some coaches for these openings. If
you have any advice please help thanks
dominusdomini 70 ( +1 | -1 )
pirc I'm a heavy user of pirc, but not KIA and KID.

What kind of advices are you looking for? I must caution you before you decide to utilize pirc: it's easy to become passive as black despite its unusual flexibility. White has many good approaches to the pirc, such as the 150 attack. These white lines are not holy grail, though; you only need to know how to respond to those.

The best recommendation that I can make is to read this book: Pirc Alert!, by Lev Alburt. It not only covers the theories vs all common white lines, also the ideas behind the pirc. It's even probably one of the best books on openings out there. Anyone, if you know of a better book on pirc, let me know.